Sunday, July 12, 2009

new baby girls, first knit pants

These are for the new baby, I knit them before I knew I was having a girl so I lucked out on the colors. I chose the colors because these were just the random colors I had left in wools. I like them together. My friend Cassie says they remind her of the Allsorts licorice candies. I think I must have sugar and food on the mind lately, cherry pants, twix colored cardigan and now this. Now that I know for sure that I'm having a girl you're going to see a lot more girly stuff.

This is Audrey being squished into the newborn size pants, they look very cute as shorts for her...

but I definitely think we'd see some "Asay" crack if I let her run around in them. Little too tight in the bum region :)

Stats: Newborn
uhh I'll fill this in later

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